Pop, Pop can cause Strokes

Two years ago I was on a trip to South Carolina to judge a concert band assessment. The night before, my neck felt stiff so I tried moving it around and then “popped” it! It felt better and I went to bed.

The next morning (which I’m so thankful I had a next day) I woke up with my right arm tinkling and somewhat heavy. Thinking I had slept on it, I shook my arm and waited for the feeling to return.

Long story short I had a stroke! After going to ER It wasn’t initially diagnosed as that but as a degenerative issue in my neck, however the heaviness and numbness continued down my right side and other issues started showing up.

Three days later, problems with walking, heaviness and lethargic I head back home to my doctor. He sents me to have an MRI and “bingo” a mass in the pons area of the brain stem showed a stroke.

I what to share with everyone that “strokes” happen from all types of issues. Having high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, stress and now popping of neck. Now you might say this is an isolated event and does not happen often, which is what I came to believe until this morning when I stumbled upon this article on Facebook.


As I continue looking for “why” this happened to me I’m reminded just how luck and blessed I am to have survived a stroke. I spend a lot of my days working to keep this from happening again and to promote stroke awareness.

It’s important that we work on our health but also how to recognize signs and symptoms and to be aware other factors could lead to a stroke.


  • F is for face — Are you seeing any drooping?
  • A is for arms– Do notice a drift or weakness to one arm when holding both in front of you? 
  • S is for speech — Is your speech slurred?
  • T is for time, as your life hangs in the balance.

But now let’s add “popping” our necks.

May is Stroke Awareness Month spend a few minutes sharing our message to be aware of the signs and stay healthy!

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