My Journey Pt.2

A lot has changed since having my Stroke. The stroke anniversary remains etched in my mind and carries its own special significance. When the first anniversary passed and now the second I had to deal with many emotions and changes.

  • Fear – “Will it happen again?”
  • Grief – “I miss the person I used to be and the life I used to have.”
  • Discouragement – “can no longer do the things I loved or it’s just more than I can bare due to neuropathy”. Or doctor can’t give any time line for improvement…..
  • Frustration- One day feeling great just to have several not so good, strange pains.
  • Encouragements-along the way mental and physical changes…..the ability to leave the past there and move in the new direction.
  • Victories-little ones for now….

Along the way a “New Normal” began to appear……new interests….some improvements in my ability to accept. Like letting go of the career I had to walk away from before I desired, or not being able to enjoy my musical talents as I use too. Learning how my body will respond in certain situations…..I still find myself losing footing, or how to handle ringing in my ear. Learning not to react in fear every time my body feels a little different, or fatigue sets in for no apparent reason.

Little known fact:

One of the biggest issues I deal with is how others see me……on the outside I look normal, talk normal but I’m anything but normal! I react to situations differently, my body and mind respond slower. I don’t seem to handle stressful situations as I use too?

Having said all this I’m in a good place. Having this stroked hasn’t defined my life but it has helped me to learn more about myself. I see life through a different pair of eyes. This time allowed me to step back and look at my past 62 years, to stop and enjoy not only the past but more importantly the present. Yes this has changed me but I’m beginning to believe it has been for the best?

I’m now finding and enjoying some new areas of interest. For example, this blog! I’ve never considered myself a writer or any kind of journalist but here I am!

I will continue to learn how to navigate “The Stroke” enjoy life and be an advocate for “Stroke Awareness “!

For more on strokes, prevention and just good info go to :

By the way, this Blog is by my Nuerologist Dr. Jodi Dodd’s, MD

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