My life has gone to the dog…….

After having my stroke I really struggled with “now what”! I tried to return to my work after several months only to end up back in the hospital. After several months and discussion with my doctors and family I finally realized my life would have to make some major changes. I slowly regained some abilities, and gaining some strength. However, this has been an ongoing process now for two years. I still deal with a lot of neurological issues on my right side, strangle pains and fatigue. I do exercise, take walks and therapy. I struggle with loneliness, some depression and anxiety. Now what to do?

That’s when my wife showed me some pictures of dogs from a online site. We saw and discussed how beautiful and cute they all where but didn’t think we wanted a dog!! One day Sue showed me a picture of this cute pup named Gretchen…..she was a Chavacon (mix of Cavalier King Charles and Bischon Frisée)

Actual picture of Gretchen

……we took a small trip to see this pup. I had said I don’t think we want to do this… much trouble….excuses. We walked into location were she was ….she sat up, tail waging her body and anxious for some lovin’!

After playing, and holding then giving her back it dawned on me that this pup made a big impact on my disposition. I smiled, laughed, and enjoyed this short encounter.

Yes ……we became Gretchen’s new parents and fell in love immediately.

A year has passed now and all is well! This dog became my therapist, she helped me get over my anxiety and depression. Gretchen is a lap dog or maybe I should say she’s like a cat…..loves laying on me, or my head on back of chair.

Life has changed with Gretchen in my life…’s more fulfilling, has given me a purpose and she especially is a great therapist! Just look at this face…..

Gretchen just had her first birthday, she’s healthy and so much joy for our household. She’s never met a stranger and wins everyone’s favor. So yes my life has gone to the dog…..her name is …….Gretchen!

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