A Good Wife

On January 6, 2017 I married Sue Cyree Miles!

Three months later I had a stroke and life changed fast.

Let’s back up a few years before Sue and I married.

I had been married for 30 years but unfortunately lost my wife to Picks disease. Sharon was a wonderful spouse and friend. We had a beautiful little girl….Brooke. Life was good! To have a wonderful wife and friend was more than most men get to experience. Sure, we struggled had arguments and so on…..but the deal was “sickness and health” til death do us part! And we did….Sharon was a “Good Wife”! I love and miss you.


The learning curve for dating after 30 years of marriage was real…..how does one do this in today’s world? Where do you meet people…..church….clubs…..work? I quickly found out this was the old way and won’t work. So I learned about online dating….or so I thought!

I learned the hard way not every one online was sincere or even honest. It became painfully obvious I wasn’t in Kansas anymore!

The fun begins.……

Swiping….texting….swiping…..texting…..meeting, meals, a lot of questions…..just to find out that what was on profile was questionable. This was frustrating, why even try to date again!! This went on for a few years, until one day I finally read and see someone I really wanted to meet…..ok Bob here goes the text….no response? Why? So frustrating!! A year later different site there she was again….do I? NO! This time I’ll just wait………….🤪

Good thing I did…..here came the text. Hello…..how are you? Finally, the one I really wanted to meet YES! I just had to know why now? She told me…..1- she wasn’t sure timing was right 2-she lost her password to dating site! 🤣🤣🤣

Now its important to know this was Labor Day weekend. On Monday, Labor Day we meet, dinner, conversation….instant connection. Our next date a week later and so it begins! We had a real connection! There was a comfort this time….it was just a natural fit.

We dated from Labor Day forward. We became inseparable…I was in disbelief! Had I met another wonderful women? Sue was kind, sweet, funny, beautiful, and I really enjoyed her company. Before I knew it December rolled around and I wanted this person to be in my life…..you know, “til death do us part”!

Yep, this video is me getting on one knee.

Now back to the beginning of story.  We got married on January 6,2017 it was such an exciting time. We both knew this was “right”, we clicked. To say Sue was beautiful isn’t enough…..I love her personality her smile lights the room when she’s in it! The angelic voice God gave her will melt your soul …..her acting chops will blow you away. And these are just a few of her attributes.  However, I learned rather quick the true woman I married, on March 21, 2017, The day I had my stroke, only three months into our marriage Sue went into action,  protective, encouraging, intuitive, always beside my side.

I was devastated, a Stroke, newly married now what…..She didn’t sign up for this. It was Our Time….a new relationship and marriage. I really didn’t know what to expect from her, I really wouldn’t blame her if she walked away at this stage of life. However, she was unwavering in her resolve to be beside me taking care of my needs and more than anything, loving me unconditionally! Sue is a “Good Wife”!

I’m a very blessed man, two women that came into my life. They both loved me unconditionally and selfless. I don’t know how I became this fortunate but I’m glad I was the one chosen. To have a Good Wife is truly a blessing but to have two Good wives is beyond blessed…..

Sue Cyree you bless me everyday by being you! Where would I be if you hadn’t entered my life? You are a Great Wife and I am proud to be your husband  I love you to the moon and beyond!

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